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Getting a first impression of Gpg4win. The screenshots show you some components in action.

Note: All screenshots are in German only. Please contact the gpgwin-devel mailing list if you can create Windows7 screenshots for Gpg4win in English.

Gpg4win Installer

  • The welcome screen


  • Kleopatra's main window.

  • Creation of an OpenPGP certificate: Input of personal details.

  • Creation of an X.509 certificate: Input of personal details.

  • Details of an OpenPGP certificate.

  • Configuration of certificate servers (OpenPGP and X.509).

  • Certify an OpenPGP certificate.

  • Encrypting files and folders
    Select files, folders, recipients...

  • The encrypted archive file.

  • Successful check of a signed file.


  • The context menu of GpgEX in Windows Explorer.


  • Sign and encrypt an email in Outlook 2010.

  • The option dialog of GpgOL.


  • Set a passphrase (with quality check).