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Privacy Policy

The Piwik system described below has been disabled on 2014-03-12.

This website uses Piwik, a Free Software web analytics system, to monitor traffic on our Web sites. Piwik records the general geographical vicinity of visitors as well as their browser and operating system, and records their navigation within the sites. This helps us gauge the impact of our materials and improve our work.

The Piwik installation is the same as used for the GnuPG websites and thus aggregates data with visits to the GnuPG sites. The privacy policy of the GnuPG sites is identical to the one used for this Gpg4win site.

Our Piwik system preserves privacy by anonymizing visitors┬┤ IP addresses. This means that we will not store any personally identifiable information about you, even though your visit produces a record that our site was visited by someone.

Piwik also respects the Do Not Track preference offered by some browsers, so if you have this option set, Piwik will ignore your visit entirely. You may also ask Piwik to set a no track cookie for this site. Details of how Piwik protects privacy are on their website.