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E Uninstalling Gpg4win

If you wish to uninstall Gpg4win, you should first shut down all other applications that are not required, and backup all certificates. If you are working on a computer with restricted rights, you will need to be registered with administrator rights for deinstallation purposes. If the installation was already carried out through your user account, it has administrator rights.

Before you start the deinstallation process, it is highly recommended that you "clean" your e-mails in Outlook which have been processed with GpgOL of all GpgOL information. Because: Gpg4win/GpgOL sets a specific marker for each of your crypto-e-mails in Outlook. You have to reset this marker prior to uninstalling the program, so that other cryptography software can later read and encrypt your e-mails correctly.

For the purpose of this re-migration, GpgOL will make the following function available in Outlook:
Select an Outlook e-mail folder, whose e-mails you wish to reset, then click on Extras -> Remove GpgOL features from this folder.

You will be advised that GpgOL will be shut down (for the subsequent deinstallation process). Confirm whether you wish to clean the e-mails of the respective folder of the GpgOL markings with Yes.
Now execute this command for all Outlook folders.

Once you have reset all folders, you can begin to uninstall Gpg4win.
There are three ways of uninstalling the program:

In all three cases, all Gpg4win files will be removed from the installation folder, and from the link in the start menu, desktop and quick start bar.

User-specific and system-wide application file folders with the configuration settings below will not be deleted:

F.1 Uninstalling Gpg4win-1.1.3

Once Gpg4win-1.1.3 has been uninstalled, the following file folders or registry keys will remain:

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