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D Transfer from other programs

This section explains how you can transfer from other Gnu-based programs to Gpg4win. The installation program recognizes some of these programs and will warn you in that case.

Generally it is recommended that you remove an existing installation of a another GnuPG-based program before installing Gpg4win. It is important that the existing certificates are backed up prior to the installation process.

The only really meaningful way to do this is to use the options available in the old program. Search for a menu item to back up your private certificates as well as a menu item for backing up all existing public certificates. Then back them up to one or more files.

As soon as you have installed Gpg4win, check whether your old certificates are already there. You can do this using the Kleopatra or GPA certificate managers. If your certificates are already there, the old encryption system already corresponded with the new conventions for certificate storage locations, and you need not do anything else.

If however your old certificates do not appear, simply import them from the backup copies. Please read Chapter 19.

If your old cryptography system uses the GPA certificate manager, you can use the backup option offered by this program. It should be very similar to the function of the GPA version from Gpg4win.

If you cannot find any way of locating your old certificates, please use the Windows dashboard tools to search for files with the name secring.gpg and pubring.gpg and import these two files using Kleopatra8.

D.1 Migration from Gpg4win-1.1.x to Gpg4win-2.x

It is highly recommended that you first uninstall Gpg4win-1.1.x before installing Gpg4win-2.x.

Technical background

The problem with a migration that does not include a deinstallation of Gpg4win-1.1.x is highlighted by the following squence:

1. Installation of Gpg4win in version X, incl. component K.

2. Installation of Gpg4win in version X+1, but component K is now de-selected.
The result: The old K component remains installed in Version X.

3. Deinstallation of Gpg4win in version X+1.
The result: The component K in version X remains "orphaned".
This is a restriction on Gpg4win since the first version.

Comment 1: When switching from 1.1.x to 2.x, this case will always occur, since certain components K are no longer in existence (e.g. GpgEE), and hence must be deemed as (automatically) de-selected.

Comment 2: In the case of MSI, Windows assumes the task of removing components that are no longer in use. This means that the MSI installation assistant acts correctly in the above scneario (old component K in version X is no longer on the operating system after step 2).

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